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Shawn Thomas

@ShawnThomas | Florida, USA
Member since January 29, 2022
Shawn Thomas is a Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter and worship leader based in South Florida. As a "CCM" artist, many of Thomas' original works are included in the CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) Library, and he participated as a voting "Grammy" member of the NARAS from 2009-2015. Shawn currently serves as the Worship Ministry Coordinator at Church of the Holy SpiritSong in South Florida, and his ministry is an affiliate of The Evangelical Network (TEN). Shawn hosts "Worship Together" here on Locals, providing Christian fellowship, resources, and support for the faith community. *Join in the live chat during weekly “worship breaks” every Wednesday. *Start your week off right every Monday with the “Good News” broadcast. *Tune in to listen to the Worship Together podcast. *Catch exclusive content including live concerts and worship led by Shawn. View the catalog of all programming at
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