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What is the Worship Together with Shawn Thomas Community?

Join worship leader and Christian singer/songwriter, Shawn Thomas, as he shares music, videos, live worship events, and inspirational messages of faith. You’re invited to “worship together” with Shawn and this community of believers by sharing your testimonies, prayers, and just everyday living experiences.

How can I support this ministry?

“Worship Together” and Shawn Thomas are supported by love offerings and gifts of support from sponsors and contributors. As a standard in his ministry, Shawn Thomas does not charge fees or require minimum guarantees on love offerings when working with churches. Your support helps continue this way of operation. If you would like to support this ministry, your generosity will be a blessing in many ways.

You’re welcome to choose a one time donation of any amount you like, or you can even become a monthly supporter at any amount of your choosing beginning at $5.00 or more a month. Supporters are able to view exclusive content as well as comment and participate on posts, in chats, and in streams. Thank you for your consideration.

What is Locals?

Locals is a subscription-based community platform. This is a place for independent creators to publish content, engage with supporters, and make money from subscriptions.

What are Locals coins?

Locals coins is used as a type of currency on the Locals app. Members can purchase coins equivalent to a month's worth of support and then give the coins to the creators as a form of payment. This is a route we had to take in order to satisfy Apple and Google store guidelines. We encourage members to support via web when possible, you will be able to access the app as a supporter if you've subscribed via the web already.

How do I follow members?

You can follow members by clicking on their names in the newsfeed or on the Members page which will take you to the member's profile. Click on follow which will allow you to sort on posts on the newsfeed by who you are following. Please note that following someone does not mean you are privy to more information about this member than someone who is not following them.

Can I edit or delete my post/comment/reply?

Yes, you can edit or delete anything you have posted in the community. Find the 3 dots (usually located in the top right corner of your messages) and select Edit or Delete.

What type of files can I upload

For video *mpeg *mp4 *ogg *mov *webm *x-ms-wmv *x-flv *3gpp *3gpp2 For audio * mp3 * mpeg4 *wav * m4a For images * png * jpg * gif

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by going to and going into the Settings under Profile. Please remember to cancel any subscriptions if you decide to do so.

What do I get access to as a supporter?

As a supporter, you will be able to post and comment on posts in the community you support. You will also be able to view supporter only posts and comment on them as well. These supporter only posts can vary in content by creators; some will post exclusive videos/podcasts, some will give discount codes or early access to different events, or share personal posts they would otherwise not share in public, etc. Premium supporters will also be able to chat with the creator directly through a private chat.

What's My Newsfeed?

"My newsfeed" is a personal newsfeed that combines all posts made by members you follow into one feed. You will also see posts from communities you are not a part of as long as it's posted by someone you follow.

How can I update to an annual subscription?

You can currently update to an annual subscription if you supported the community with a credit card. If you are currently subscribed via a different method, you will need to cancel your existing subscription and create a new one with a credit card to get this option.
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